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Week 5: 13.3 Corporate Information Systems Strategy

On Monday we’re going to review factors which greatly affect a successful CIS. Following the tags associated with IT Management on my delicious, we’ll look at;

  • Oxford University’s strategic ICT plan. 
  • A short video on constructing a business plan.
  • Another on SWOT analysis.
  • Resources on management styles and the effect of workplace hierarchies.
  • The IT system at Ford’s Dagenham site.
  • Cisco’s change management video.

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Food for thought; this comes with a health warning.

Read these two extracts from PC Pro Magazine: one where a GCSE student has commented on the nature (hazards?) of sitting an ICT exam, and another where comments are made about getting that valuable second mark in an answer.

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Helpful essay frames and connectives mat

Students should use the discussion and explanatory text frames to assist with writing the essay on Information Systems and Organisations (See pages from AS blog). A connectives mat will also be useful for developing sentences and paragraphs. Please email the completed essay to me.

Summary notes on Corporate Information Systems Strategy are from North Chadderton. Again, please use you own texts to summarise the topic. There is a task on Page 4 of the notes.

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ICT4 13.3 Corporate Information Systems Strategy

I’m going to use Monday’s lesson to ensure that all students are up to speed with the work which was set last week. We need to move on to Corporate Information Systems Strategy shortly afterwards. Visiting students’ blogs has indicated – not much! So, we’ll have to address that aspect of the course. I need to see that students are working, understanding and consolidating the work we’ve done during the week and your blogs are one way for me to check this. Handing in the work set is another, but personal assessment and understanding is vital.

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Week 4: Welcome to the A2 level ICT student blog

I’m going to start off by saying that I hope that the Geography trip to Mallorca went well, and that various trips hunting for universities served their purpose. Students knew that I was posting work they would miss on the blog, so they have plenty of work to catch up on. Email me, chat in class, or pop into my office at lunch time if you have any problems. Find the first 3 weeks of work is here.

Mrs T

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