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Week 13: 13.9 Information and the Professional

We’ll begin the lesson at the start of the week by viewing a number of videos on my delicious covering: code of ethics and code of conduct, and discuss what these mean for computer professionals. We’ll look at the British Computer Society Code of Conduct, and the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct standards of the Association for Computing Machinery. Another good overview on this topic is on the fatmax website from antonine-education, summary notes are again from North Chadderton as well as a set of past questions on 13.8 and 13.9.


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13.8 Teamwork

Today we’ll cover teamwork as part of project management. We’ll discuss aspects of the powerpoint summary on this topic and then look at more AQA exam past questions to ensure we’re on the right track. Students should look at the links for ICT4 revision, as once we’ve completed 13.9, Information and the Professional, the work on this unit is complete. Students should start a revision programme for the module, as the exam is to be written in January.

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13.8 Project Management

Using the resources referenced in the worksheet, consolidate this section by completing this in Tuesday’s lesson. Construct a set of notes on the topic, using those from North Chadderton as a guide.

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Week 12: 13.8 Project Management

This week we’ll be looking at the penultimate topic in ICT4 – Project Management and Teamwork. Projects are often divided up and given to smaller groups or teams to work on. It makes sense that these teams need to have good leadership, an appropriate allocation of tasks, adherence to standards, sound monitoring, effective costing and control. A concise overview from a resource on the fatmax website is a good place to start, as is the powerpoint summary on Project Management. There are a couple of videos on my delicious (dated 23rd November) which could elaborate on some areas: ‘Project Management as a basic business skill’, ‘Making a Gantt chart’, and ‘Critical Chain Project Management.’ Once we’ve looked at this topic, we’ll move on to Teamwork.

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Today we’re going to discuss the way forward for ICT 6. Using a rather hefty (but good) set of guidelines from the fatmax website and looking at exemplar material, we’re going to discuss and consider your project options. Ideas can also be obtained from the Microsoft Access Template website.

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Test today.

A copy of your test on 13.6 Legal Issues is here. Please complete it and email it to me when its done. Good luck!

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Week 11: 13.7 Support and Training

Students need to ensure that all past work has been emailed or handed in to me to be marked. The test assigned for Tuesday has been moved to Thursday this week.

This week we’ll deviate a little from the Scheme of Work and continue with the course content as listed above. Support and Training is essential in using ICT, at various levels. We’ll discuss this topic, follow up with a set of notes and then conclude with a worksheet using questions from past exam papers. There are a number of short videos I’ve listed on my delicious, dated today, for this topic.

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13.6 Legal Aspects

We’re going to consolidate the whole of the section on Legal Aspects on Thursday this week, ensuring that students have a clear understanding of the whole topic. We’ll reinforce this by looking at some video material to assist understanding of the section. The short clips can be found on my delicious under various tags: A2ICT, Youtube, then audit_trails, disasters and computer_logs.

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13.6 Enforcing the Legislation

In some instances we’re covering familiar ground here, but this section does deal more with how legal issues are dealt with by companies, and not so much the particulars of the legislation itself. We’ve already had a quick look at the AS work on legislation and now we’ll concentrate on how its implemented in various scenarios. Have a look at the powerpoint summary. You already have notes, but it won’t do any damage to also have a look at these from North Chadderton on the Fatmax website. Of course you do need to look at the section in your textbooks as well.

I’d like this worksheet completed by Monday – and it has an essay in it! We’ll have a test one week from today (Tuesday 18th) on the whole of 13.6 – Legal Issues.

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Week 10: Auditing, Risk Analysis & Disaster Recovery

It’s important that we look at the specification details for this section:

Audit requirements:

  • Understand that many information systems are subject to audit.
  • Understand the impact of audit on data and information control.
  • Describe the need for audit and the role of audit management/software tools in information systems. 
  • Understand the function of audit trails and describe applications of use, e.g. ordering systems; student tracking; police vehicle enquiries. 

Disaster recovery management:

  • Describe the various potential threats to information systems, e.g. physical security; document security; personnel security; hardware security; communications security; software security. 
  • Understand the concept of risk analysis.
  • Understand the commercial need to ensure that an information system is protected from threat. 
  • Describe a range of contingency plans to recover from disasters and relate these to identified threats. 
  • Describe the criteria used to select a contingency plan appropriate to the scale of an organisation and installation.

The set of notes previously referenced cover these topics, but students should look at the Powerpoint summaries on this blog as well and investigate audit trail software used in various situations, i.e. ordering systems; student tracking and police vehicle enquiries. Once completed, look carefully through this worksheet and markscheme, then complete and email me this one. (By Wednesday morning!)

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