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14.1 Security & Backup Strategies

Here is a link to some sound notes on Futureproofing and Emulation.  Today we’re moving onto the second part of this topic, security and backup strategies. Students will have some knowledge of this topic as it was touched on when we did Disaster Recovery in ICT4.  A good start is with the advice from grsoftware, followed by the presentation with notes from Mortimer Wilson.  

Please complete the worksheet on this topic, to be handed in on my return from Paris.


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14.1 Policy & Strategy

Just to clarify the resources from the Fatmax page we’ll be using; the presentation based on Chapter 52 of the Heathcote A Level textbook, I particularly like the notes added by Mortimer Wilson as explanation, the resource from Antonine-Education, (notes version here) and as always, another version of the notes from North Chadderton High. As we move onto backup strategies, I’ll list the resources to use.

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Week 18: 14.1 Policy & Stategy

I didn’t get a chance to speak to students after the ICT4 exam, so we’ll discuss how that went today.

We’re going to crack on with the ICT5 content and begin with 14.1 – Policy and Strategy. This section covers the strategic implications for Hardware and Software and the organisation’s configuration choices; the range of different user needs, methods of enhancing existing capabilities and future proofing, and finally backup strategies. We’ll use the Fatmax resources as a start, and have a look at the rough outline of a strategy our ICT Department is going to flesh out in the next month. According to the Critical Success Factors – have we covered all the bases? If not, suggest where we could improve.

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As for the previous week, students should be revising for this Friday’s (23rd January) ICT4 exam. They should also be working on ICT6. A good revision link is to be found to the right of the blog entry, under ‘Link to Revision for AQA ICT’. Although limited to papers retrospectively from 2006, it summaries the key data and definitions from past exam papers to provide a cohesive set of summary notes. As students are aware, AQA past exam papers indicate what type of answers are expected from candidates. You have been warned!

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In the next couple of days students should prepare for the ICT 4 module exam and do work on ICT 6. As an alternative to the AQA exemplars, students could access some examples of database projects from the WJEC specification. Be aware that the specification requirements are different, and that these examples are just that – examples and ideas.

They can be found on the school intranet. Navigate to the A Level ICT Folder, then WJEC and finally the ICT 6 folder.

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January Modules

Good luck for your January Module exams today. Please use this blog to assist with revision. Discuss problem areas in class. Until the modules are complete, we will spend the time on ICT 6. This is because I don’t want to be teaching new content when some students are out writing other subject modules. Again, use the guidance on the blog to develop this project.

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Welcome back, I’m sure it was a busy festive season – and what a beautiful combination of snow and sun we’ve had!  We wll be spending the rest of this week on revision for the January ICT Modules.

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