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14.3 Database Management Concepts

At the beginning of the week we looked at the first two items in this topic: the purpose of a DBMS and the role of the Database Administrator.

With this topic, it is essential that students know the difference between a flat file, a relational database and a DBMS. They should also be aware of the modelling and defining of databases. This will include Entities, Attributes, Relationships etc. and database structure which includes: Tables, Fields and Keys. 

A DBMS has a definition and some common advantages which students must be aware of.  As for the concept of a DBMS, this image is a good place to start. Two very good sets of notes are from North Chadderton and Gerard Horsley (courtesy of Fatmax). students must also know what data consistency, redundancy, integrity and independence are. On Thursday we will be covering Normalisation and on Friday we’ll be looking at QBE and SQL.

An excellent teaching booklet on Databases is available from Dr Kevin Bond, formerly from Aylesbury Grammar School.  It is for A level Computing, but is still very relevant. It also has some good exercises to work through. I have put up a typical set of ICT5 exam questions for this topic, to be found to the right of the blog entry under ‘Mark Schemes’.


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Students should continue to work on their ICT6 projects in the next couple of days. Have a good half term and then we’ll get back to the content of ICT5. The next topic we’ll be looking at is Database Management Systems.

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14.2 Worksheet & Essay

Please find the above here. Peruse it carefully and seek out similar questions and answers from the AQA past papers.

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14.2 Software

Today we’ll be discussing the criteria used in order to evaluate software. The presentation from Kesgrave High School courtesy of fatmax, covers this topic well. I’d have to say that its probably the ‘boring’ bit of this section, but definitely one which will be tested under exam conditions. I’m including a set of notes from North Chadderton High, but please consolidate this section with wider reading. We will move onto how reports are produced once software has been evaluated and finish 14.2 by looking at typical AQA exam questions.

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14.2 Software

This section assesses how companies might go about deciding which software solution is best for their environment. Three areas are important in this topic: how software is evaluated, what criteria are used in order to do so, and how they report their findings.

The first unit we’re going to cover therefore, is Software Evaluation. Read through these notes and then we’ll try the exercise suggested by Whitby Community College – the software evalution task.  Software to consider could include; Sibelius, Comic Life, Internet Explorer or Firefox, Adobe Photoshop, or any others you might wish.

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Students will have realised by now the benefit of using a Web 2.0 application for teaching. Although school was closed on Monday and Tuesday, and I was in Paris with the Lower 6th, there was no reason why students should not have completed the work set. In fact, if you cannot get into school today either, I am setting work for you to cover. Watch this space, just in case school is cancelled tomorrow as I will post work on the blog regularly.

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