A2 Level ICT WGS

14.6 & 7 Human Computer Interaction/Interface

Although seperate topics, students should see these two themes together. The exam board description for 14.6 is:

  • Describe the psychological factors that affect human/computer interaction, e.g. user friendly, give help to novices, provide short cuts for experts, make use of human long-term memory to maximise efficiency, 

                                                and for 14.7

  • Recall different approaches to the problem of communication with ICT systems and discuss the resource implications of sophisticated HCI. 
  • Discuss the implications for customising software to develop a specialist HCI.

A close inspection of past exam questions shows typical responses expected. However, the last question on the worksheet I’ve created a link to, covers the final bullet point which is not typical, so be aware. Not all resources agree on what or how to cover this topic, so I’ve encouraged students to pull together two sets of notes from the Fatmax website. The first is a set of notes on 14.6 is from Clive Morley and another very comprehensive summary from North Chadderton.

Notes for 14.7 from the above two contributors:

Clive Morley & North Chadderton.

Take a look at the Powerpoint summaries to the right of the blog post, as well.


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14.10 Networks & Communication Worksheet

We’ll discuss a typical set of questions on this topic today. If there are any unclear areas on this topic, we’ll iron them out.

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14.10 Portability of Data

Since we’re on Networks and Communications, it seems fitting that we cover Internet Protocols and Standards at this point. The specification lists:

  • Know of the existence, benefits and limitations of standards.
  • Understand the protocols and addressing mechanisms used to
    support the World Wide Web.

A set of notes is available on this topic. Please peruse the videos on this topic as well. (Protocols, TCP/IP.) We’ll complete a worksheet on this topic on Thursday.

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14.4 & 14.5 Worksheet

We’ll discuss the worksheet on the two sections referenced above today. These cover the last six years of exams, so will give students the opportunity to become more familiar with the style of AQA questions and answers on Communications and Networks.

I would also urge students to ensure that their notes on Intranets and Extranets are complete. Please use this link to some notes from the Fatmax WJEC website on this topic.

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14.5 Network Security, Audit & Accounting

A fair bit of this topic is content we’ve covered before in some shape or form, so its not a lengthy section. However, there are also some new facts to cover.  The teach-ict website is a good place to start. I’m including summary notes which I’ve compiled from the Fatmax website, as well as  those from North Chadderton. Tomorrow I’ll post AQA past questions and mark schemes on this topic.

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14.4 Communication & Info Systems

The topic we’re dealing with this week largely covers Networks. A quick refresh of the AS level work is best at this stage, so I’m directing you to November 2008 on the AS blog. This work you’ll need to cover in your own time as I want to use class time to cover Distributed Databases and Client Server Databases. Notes on this topic are from North Chadderton. A comprehensive presentation on the whole topic is available from Fatmax, as is this presentation on Client Server Databases. Please ensure that you use text books for reviewing the content as well.

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