A2 Level ICT WGS

14.10 Portability of Data

Since we’re on Networks and Communications, it seems fitting that we cover Internet Protocols and Standards at this point. The specification lists:

  • Know of the existence, benefits and limitations of standards.
  • Understand the protocols and addressing mechanisms used to
    support the World Wide Web.

A set of notes is available on this topic. Please peruse the videos on this topic as well. (Protocols, TCP/IP.) We’ll complete a worksheet on this topic on Thursday.


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14.2 Worksheet & Essay

Please find the above here. Peruse it carefully and seek out similar questions and answers from the AQA past papers.

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14.2 Software

Today we’ll be discussing the criteria used in order to evaluate software. The presentation from Kesgrave High School courtesy of fatmax, covers this topic well. I’d have to say that its probably the ‘boring’ bit of this section, but definitely one which will be tested under exam conditions. I’m including a set of notes from North Chadderton High, but please consolidate this section with wider reading. We will move onto how reports are produced once software has been evaluated and finish 14.2 by looking at typical AQA exam questions.

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As for the previous week, students should be revising for this Friday’s (23rd January) ICT4 exam. They should also be working on ICT6. A good revision link is to be found to the right of the blog entry, under ‘Link to Revision for AQA ICT’. Although limited to papers retrospectively from 2006, it summaries the key data and definitions from past exam papers to provide a cohesive set of summary notes. As students are aware, AQA past exam papers indicate what type of answers are expected from candidates. You have been warned!

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I hope all students have a good Christmas holiday. I’ll see you all on the 6th December. Please do some revision when you can. Check the AS Level blog for work for AS ICT1 and 2, and review all the work we’ve done since September for ICT4 in January 2009. Links to revision sites and the dates of exams are to the right of this post.

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For the remainder of this term we’ll be working on ICT 6. First of all we need to spend time getting our heads around the new interface of Access 2007. We have online tutor software for this, but unfortunately we’re not able to post it on this site as it’s copyrighted for the network and school use only.  

Students are to follow the Access course and check the calender on the right of this post for the deadlines for each of the sections we’ll be covering.

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Food for thought; this comes with a health warning.

Read these two extracts from PC Pro Magazine: one where a GCSE student has commented on the nature (hazards?) of sitting an ICT exam, and another where comments are made about getting that valuable second mark in an answer.

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