A2 Level ICT WGS

Week 10: Auditing, Risk Analysis & Disaster Recovery

It’s important that we look at the specification details for this section:

Audit requirements:

  • Understand that many information systems are subject to audit.
  • Understand the impact of audit on data and information control.
  • Describe the need for audit and the role of audit management/software tools in information systems. 
  • Understand the function of audit trails and describe applications of use, e.g. ordering systems; student tracking; police vehicle enquiries. 

Disaster recovery management:

  • Describe the various potential threats to information systems, e.g. physical security; document security; personnel security; hardware security; communications security; software security. 
  • Understand the concept of risk analysis.
  • Understand the commercial need to ensure that an information system is protected from threat. 
  • Describe a range of contingency plans to recover from disasters and relate these to identified threats. 
  • Describe the criteria used to select a contingency plan appropriate to the scale of an organisation and installation.

The set of notes previously referenced cover these topics, but students should look at the Powerpoint summaries on this blog as well and investigate audit trail software used in various situations, i.e. ordering systems; student tracking and police vehicle enquiries. Once completed, look carefully through this worksheet and markscheme, then complete and email me this one. (By Wednesday morning!)


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13.6 Legal Aspects

Today, after having discussed the test results and studied the mark scheme, we’re having a look at an AUP created for the University of Salford in Manchester. We’ll discuss the work covered in the earlier part of the week and look at the notes on security vetting of staff in an organisation. We’ll also move onto investigating Auditing as a means of security.

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