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13.6 Enforcing the Legislation

In some instances we’re covering familiar ground here, but this section does deal more with how legal issues are dealt with by companies, and not so much the particulars of the legislation itself. We’ve already had a quick look at the AS work on legislation and now we’ll concentrate on how its implemented in various scenarios. Have a look at the powerpoint summary. You already have notes, but it won’t do any damage to also have a look at these from North Chadderton on the Fatmax website. Of course you do need to look at the section in your textbooks as well.

I’d like this worksheet completed by Monday – and it has an essay in it! We’ll have a test one week from today (Tuesday 18th) on the whole of 13.6 – Legal Issues.


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Week 9: 13.6 Legal Aspects

I hope everyone had a good half term break. Now, on with the work! The section we’re going to start this week covers the Legal Aspects of ICT. Much of the basics of the legislation was covered at AS – and perhaps it’s a good idea to visit the material currently on the AS blog as a revision exercise. We’re going to briefly┬árevisit the section on Data and Security as background material.

The first part of the A2 material shows that we should:

  • Understand the need for a corporate information system security policy and the r├┤le it would fill within an organisation. Factors could include prevention of misuse, detection, investigation, procedures, staff responsibilities, disciplinary procedures.
  • Describe the content of a corporate information system security policy.
  • Describe methods of improving awareness of security policy within an organisation, cross-referencing to training and standards.

A set of notes on this section (with acknowledgement to antonine-education and the fatmax website) is available. Please add to them as we work through the various parts.

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