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Finalising ICT6

We’re almost at the end now. Students should hand in their ICT6 projects for final correction by tomorrow, the 8th May. This will allow any alterations to be completed by early next week. They need to reach the moderator by the 15th May.


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January Modules

Good luck for your January Module exams today. Please use this blog to assist with revision. Discuss problem areas in class. Until the modules are complete, we will spend the time on ICT 6. This is because I don’t want to be teaching new content when some students are out writing other subject modules. Again, use the guidance on the blog to develop this project.

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Today we’re going to discuss the way forward for ICT 6. Using a rather hefty (but good) set of guidelines from the fatmax website and looking at exemplar material, we’re going to discuss and consider your project options.┬áIdeas can also be obtained from the Microsoft Access Template website.

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