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Week 8: 13.4 Information & Data

Test today. Please complete the questions and email your document to me. Good luck!


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13.4 Information and Data

Using any resources you have available: notes and text books, the worksheet on Information and Data should be completed by the start of next week. Please ensure that all previous work is up to date. There will be a test on Section 13.4 Information and Data next Thursday 23rd October – it will not be an essay test. Revise for this please.

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Weel 7: 13.4 Information and Data

Before we move on to looking at ‘Data’, we’ll finish the section on ‘Information’ by looking at ‘Presentation’. In this we’ll look at:

  •  Intended Audience
  • Appropriate means or methods of presentation, including computer printouts,
    presentation graphics, DTP, videoconferencing, graphs and charts and written presentation.

Follow this link on statistical data presentation tools which gives sound ideas as to when certain charts and graphs could be used. We’re then going to review the section on ‘Data‘ from the teach_ict website. A set of notes on this topic is available here.

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Week 6: 13.4 Information and Data

This week we’ll be looking at the topic of Information. We need to look to

  • Understand management information needs: the concept of relevance and methods of interpretation. 
  • Understand that information has many characteristics and can be classified in many ways. 
  • Discuss the value of information in aiding the decision making process. 
  • Understand the difference between internal and external information requirements.
  • Describe the characteristics of good information and delivery.
  • Describe the advantages and characteristics of good information within an applications context.

A decent set of notes can be found here, taken from the Fatmax website. Summarise, or add to them as you see fit.

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